Beginner DIY Oil Painting Framless - Painted Deer 16X20 inch

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Product Overview

  • Product Features: It's a paint by numbers for adults kids, Painted Deer diy oil painting kit, a beautiful piece of art work with your own hand.
  • No Paint Mixing: enough pigment to finish PBN, provide good paint coverage to cover the lines and numbers, an lovely painting anyone can do.
  • Paintbrush Kit: 3 different sizes brushes for big or small areas to do the fine lines and details easily, and nylon brush is easy to clean.
  • Pre-printed Textured Canvas: High density canvas is durable and easy to color; easy-to-read numbers.
  • What You Will Get: paint by numbers for adults & kids include 1 pc pre-printed textured canvas (without framed), 1 set acrylic paints, 3 pcs brushes, You can get a lot of fun from it.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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