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Char-Full of Tea Tree Soap

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Product Overview

Ingredients: Distilled Water,
Saponified Coconut, Avocado Oils,
Soybean Oils Infuse with Cinnamon,
Rosemary Oils, Activated Charcoal,
Kaolin Clay, Sodium Lactate (Salt).
Tea Tree Essential Oils.

Charcoal comes for tree bark which aides in removing dirt and impurities from skin pores. Purify, Detoxify and rescue your irritated skin with this 100% Natural Soap made from plants, fruits, soft oils and essential oils. These recipes have been carefuly formulated over time to produce the ultimate skin cleanser and moisturization. Tea Tree is phenomenal as an antibacterial especially on Acne and Acne prone skin. Cleanse daily and share with us a note on how soft your skin looks and feels. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review