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My name is Suzanne Gunn and my husband Randy, my two children Alex and Wesley and I run located on the Independence Square, MO.  Tivona Naturals was born out of passion after Losing my mother to cancer.  During that time, our lives changed to discovering more about natural and organic products that we later created into marketable products.  This discovery led us to make ethical, pure, safe, natural, and organic products that are healthy for all skin types.  


After my mother’s passing, I ventured into healthcare and found my love for oncology which I  later continued on to becoming a Nurse Practitioner. While caring for patients, I discovered that most cancer patients react to ordinary skin care products before, during and after chemotherapy and radiology treatments. I would share my natural organic products with them leading to my patients eventually becoming clients that started purchasing these products. We realized what we were doing was beyond making a difference but also changing how we look at skin care as a whole. 


I love to wear silhouettes that have an African tone. Every time I wear them at the store or at a vendor show, the compliments are endless about my African inspired attire. I continually get many requests to reproduce these African inspired clothing. More than often, I end up selling pieces that I wear to events because the client loved it that much.


We are honored to present at the  HIFW season 2 our beautiful blend of modern customized special occasion couture with a blend of authentic African fabrics that embrace all. I am from Kenya and because part of my family is American, I realized that in the USA, most first generation children, their families and friends find themselves enveloped in the culture of their loved ones who are from a different ethnicity. These loved ones always want to know more about these cultures and want to wear similar African inspired pieces. We have since started to carry and accept custom orders of casual and special occasion clothing pieces at our store as well as promoting jewelry and accessories that are handcrafted. 


We source most of our accessories from Africa and we realized that we can change the lives of African artisans by paying 100% for their upcycled, earth sustaining, handcrafted jewelry, bags and accessories. I used to think that changing the earth meant I had to have all the resources in the world to give back, but I realized along the way during medical missions, that we had the opportunity to change some of these artisans' lives by promoting their beautiful handcrafted products in our store thus enriching their villages. My husband and I are visionaries that believe we can change the world we live in with every daily action we take. I believe each one of us can cause a ripple in our own uniqueness that can touch and uplift lives everywhere. We have certainly seen lives uplifted in supporting  jobs in many African communities. These works have also opened doors for us to work with many creative artisans that dwell in our local community right here in Missouri and Kansas.


While my start is not in designing clothes, I love HIFW Bosede Iyewarun’s statement about her mission to set precedence of bringing designers that speak to ethnic and international demographics.  I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of HIFW’s 2nd season because it embraces faith and delights the world with a different style, type and look of the best International fashion runway. It was an honor to be picked to participate as one of the boutique/designer categories and I look forward to sharing Tivona Couture. Expanding Tivona to fashion, satisfies our mission of promoting Kenyan inspired clothing that embraces identity, pride and joy across all ethnicities. The best part of why I do what I do, is watching other cultures and ethnicities wear Tivona clothing with boldness and fearlessness.  We truly feel blessed to be able to invite you to our store and also to introduce a piece of culture and ethnicity to Kansas City and the world beyond.